A world full of possibilities.

I am Christina Miller, a creative  “Life Taster“ who can serve you with created handmade unique items as a gift for friends or as a gift to yourself.

    Life Taster`s creations bring extravagant joy into every room.

    I am very proud to be able to live my dream and all this to share my passion to bring more imagination, character and joie de vivre into this world!

    I will never forget how it felt when I anglegrinded, drilled and welded my first pieces of art: sawdust flying, glowing sparks illuminating my workspace, red hot energy melting and forming again to create new matter!

    For me, the nicest compliment people can give me is when they are naturally attracted to all the different items that can be found in my workshop and house.

    Some are instinctively drawn to “Mr. Mechanic”, a large lamp I made.

    Others fall in love with my wooden signs (pieces of old wood with handpainted motivational or thought-provoking writing on them).

    As a woman once said after browsing my signs: “This is so much more than a sign. It’s like a loving reminder to myself.”

    Magic from the hands of a multi – autodidact. Because I love to work with and connect all sorts of materials and objects and breathe new life into them.

    Since I was a child, I knew that I was a creative person and at some point I was

    fed up with reasoning – so I was allowed to taught myself everything.

    I needed to know to follow my creative path two years ago and started with “Lebensverkoster” Life Taster in 2017.

    From the Life Taster perspective, perfection is defined in another way because:

    “What is perfect, after all?”

    “Beauty is always in the eye of the beholder” –  is defined differently with exciting wit, uniqueness, elegance and complete relaxation.

    Please take a look @ my shop 🙂